Collezione Olgiati
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A Collection in Progress

A corpus of more than 500 works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, installations, videos and artists’ books.


The City of Lugano has made arrangements with the collectors Giancarlo and Danna Olgiati for more than 200 works belonging to their Collection to be stored in the underground rooms of Central Park.
The Convention regulating the storage of the Olgiati Collection provides for this artistic patrimony to be available, from now on, for the exhibitions of the MASI Museo d'Arte della Svizzera italiana. The works will also be available for exchanges with other museums for temporary exhibitions.
The collectors believe that the City of Lugano, with the new MASI, resulting from the union of the two local museums, could become the natural successor of the entire collection.
In tune with a tradition that is deep-rooted in Switzerland, the project builds a solid and constructive relationship between public institutions and private collectors.


Each year, with every new exhibition the space hosts a new installation of the Collezione Olgiati. The choice of works, some of which are already known to the public, along with others acquired more recently, allow viewers to envision the points of contact between the contents and the temporary exhibition, in addition to manifesting the ongoing desire of the collectors to create a conversation between works from the historical avant-gardes and contemporary ones. 

In spring, the Giancarlo and Danna Olgiati Collection will launch a new production of ‘A Collection in Progress’, with important new acquisitions including artworks by Günther Förg, Pino Pascali, Ugo Rondinone, Harold Ancart, Christopher Wool and Markus Raetz. The exhibition demonstrates how every year these important collectors manage to promote and integrate their collection with new artworks of outstanding quality